The Potato Monodiet Story

Nothing but potatoes, and simple condiments like salt & vinegar:

I have been dying to unleash this fat-busting trick on you guys, but I have been kind of holding back because it seems so impossible. It works. It works really well if you are a fat-adapted, fat-burning primal animal because you will go straight into burning your own fat! Here’s what you do to lose 1/2 to 1 pound a day for up to 14 days. Eat potatoes. The only thing else you can eat is salt (sparingly), vinegar (all you want), hot sauce, ketchup (very sparingly), soy sauce (very sparingly and only fermented), spices–especially cayenne pepper.

Edit 12/21/12: They have taken to calling it the “Potato Reset” and it’s been especially popular around the holidays. We look at it as a way to “reset” your eating, weight, and relationship with food. These are the rough guidelines we came up with for the best version of the Potato Reset:

1. Plan on eating mostly potatoes for 5-7 days (90%+ of calories)
2. Eat between 2 and 4lbs of potatoes daily, include cooked and cooled daily!
3. Unlimited coffee, tea, and water.
4. Spices, salt, pepper, and vinegar OK.
5. Lifting of Heavy Things discouraged, think ‘de-load week’ Lifting light things/walking OK.
6. All normal supplements OK to continue
7. IF’ing, especially by skipping breakfast encouraged.
8. If you need to lose more weight, alternate the “Potato Reset” diet with healthy Primal Blueprint in 5-7 day increments.
9. Not recommended for people who eat every 2-3 hours, have glucose issues, or have eating disorders.
10. Highly recommended for people who have their hunger under control, have been eating PB style for 6 months or more, and are having trouble losing weight with the normal approaches.

Some suggested reasons this works so well:
– Food Reward/Satiety
– Calories Restriction
– Resistant Starch/Butyrate/Gut Flora Connection
– Insulin Sensitivity Regained
– Ketosis from calorie restriction/butyrate forming short chain fatty acids

More info here.


Potato Diet Specifics for the APOE Experiment

The macronutrient ratios I’ll be following for the Potato Diet are:


Because that’s what potatoes are made of, Virginia.

The basic difference between the Potato Diet (and the PSMF) is that they are on some level, fasts, therefore are going to tend to have a lower caloric intake then the more “regular” diets (Paleo, Med, and Vegan). And I think this is OK, as in many ways their results will have to be compared separately. So as much as I’d like to keep caloric intake consistent across all five diets, expect the intake here to be about 20-30% less.

I mean, how many potatoes can you eat?


Potato Diet APOE Experiment NMR Test Results

Test results of the Potato diet(s) one *and* two (see most recent blog update) should be available the week of April 7, 2014.