Paleo test results are back, and some possible wrenches in the works

1) The NMR Lipoprofile results came back today. They are both awesome and horrible. Post in a day or two.

2) I’ve been pushing back the start of Phase #2 (Potato Diet) for several reasons:

a) I’ve been dealing with a bad tooth that had to come out, which has had me on antibiotics since the 19th. The radical change in gut flora seemed like a big confounder.

b) I’ve had a reasonable major surgery scheduled for 10/31 for a while now, which I gave little thought to in terms of the experiment, until I realized it would be a few days of IV nutrition that I would have no control over — and also a buttload of more antibiotics.

Between those two factors, I’m considering pushing the reminder of the experiment back until the surgery is over, I’m healed, and back in full control of my nutritional input again.

Either way, I’ll be writing up the results of the Paleo testing soon.